Smart Starter Sunset Gold


Are you ready for a new way of eating without compromising on the joy of your daily meal? Beneatly stands for Benefit Eat Cutlery and it means that by eating with Beneatly you’ll notice that you will eat more slowly, taste better and enjoy your food more. It specifically designed to eat with a slower pace, it can hold only 60% of regular cutlery but with normal length and looks. So you keep enjoying as you always do.

  • Starterset consists of 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon
  • Mat colour
  • Nickel free
  • Washmachine safe


Simple cutlery, big effect

Beneatly products are not ordinary cutlery products; it’s a smart cutlery. The blade is shorter and narrower. It can hold up to 60% of what a regular sized fork can. You’ll eat more slowly and chew your food better. When you eat more slowly, you have a better sense of when you’re full. You’ll taste better and enjoy your food more. This means a whole new way of eating.

You’d probably also like to know

The Beneatly starter set is made of strong stainless steel. Beneatly is also nickel-free. All Beneatly starter sets are polished 5 times, making for a gorgeous, deep shine. The name of Sunset Gold says it all. It is a beautifull mat golden colour and will fit perfect on warm table settings.

Additional information

Weight 315 g
Dimensions 25,5 × 11 × 2,5 cm


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